ProFitS Software

PROSAplus features the software ProFitS (Products-fit-to-Sustainability) for the selection of indicators, for the compilation of data and for the evaluation as well as an optional aggregation of indicator results. ProFitS is action-oriented and can present the results qualitatively-argumentatively or quantitatively. The general aim of the assessment is the preparation of strategic decisions and the identification of sustainability opportunities and optimisations rather than an absolute numerical assessment. Nevertheless, options for quantitative assessment are provided, including aggregation to a single indicator, allowing the multitude of individual results on different variants to be dealt with and presented more systematically. However, all original data and the individual evaluation steps can be traced back.

The software is freely available and can be operated via an internet browser. All data entered remain locally on the user's computer and can be saved there or exported for processing in a spreadsheet programme.

The results and assessments generated with the software are intended for internal use only. Prior to any external communication of these results and assessments, an external critical review shall be conducted either by Öko-Institut e.V. or by the ZNU - Center for Sustainable Leadership at Witten/Herdecke University in order to ensure the consistency of the performed analyses and assessments with the underlying methodological requirements. In individual cases and after agreement with Öko-Institut or ZNU, the external critical review can also be carried out by another independent institution. By using the software, users accept these conditions.

Information on the structure and use of the software can be found in the PROSAplus Guideline.

We recommend sending an email with your contact details to info(at) to register for news about updates on PROSA methodology and software.